Our Vision
Why did we create FreedomRx?

We believe that stronger partnerships and clearer communication will make Canadian healthcare better for everyone, so we designed FreedomRx to improve the connection between pharmacies and the providers they work with.

Ultimately, we see FreedomRx being part of a federated network for ePrescribing that connects all pharmacies and providers, regardless of where patients go for healthcare services or which EMR a prescriber uses. And that means helping independent pharmacies – not just large, brand-affiliated ones – to join the ePrescribing evolution and experience a higher level of connection and service.

Benefits for Pharmacies

FreedomRx frees you from unreliable fax communications and rounds of telephone tag with providers. Instead, you’ll receive prescriptions digitally and be able to ask questions and get answers instantly from prescribers through secure, email-like messaging.

You’ll experience fewer transcription errors, improved security, and reduced wait times for patients so you can get their prescriptions to them faster.